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Monster Hunter: World – Launch Trailer

So many games, so little time. I’ve been dying to give this action RPG a go. Just might be the game I’ve been looking for in between my ‘fighting and racing sessions’.

SOULCALIBUR VI PSX Gameplay Trailer 0


More gameplay footage from SoulCalibur VI has been released. Again we see Mitsurugi and Sophitia battling it out. I’m starting to suspect there’s a ‘super mechanic’ added to this game. Still feels nostalgic none...


Star Wars Battlefront II Reveal Trailer

Ok, I’m geeking out here. Have you seen this trailer yet? Go watch! NOW! Star Wars Battlefront with a single player campaign? For that reason alone I’m in! If the game improves on the...


Andromeda for the masses

Mass Effect: Andromeda, one of the games I was looking forward to the most this year. The hype was real and the gameplay video series looked promising. Being a long time in development it’s finally...


For glory! For Honor!

For those looking for a medieval brawler, For Honor might just be the thing for you! And coming from first class developer Ubisoft Montreal we are sure we have something special here. For Honor...


Injustice 2 – Here Come the Girls trailer

Some may see is as fanservice, but this latest trailer of Injustice 2 sure’s looking stunning! This game will score high in the graphics department. As for the character models …  it’s a fighting...


Tekken 7 – Rage and Sorrow trailer

Oh hello! It seems like it’s raining trailers lately. This time it’s Namco Bandai making us warm for Tekken 7, the next installment in one of my favourite gaming series of all time. Given...