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Monster Hunter: World – Launch Trailer

So many games, so little time. I’ve been dying to give this action RPG a go. Just might be the game I’ve been looking for in between my ‘fighting and racing sessions’.


Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.11

Not so long ago I did a video on the current state of Gran Turismo Sport, and it seems there’s more underway. Even the legendary Monza circuit, one of my all time favorite sim...


God of War – Story Trailer

Daaaaamn! The next God of War game is starting to look more and more impressive. Who would have thought the game would be served with some character depth as well. Times sure have changed...

SOULCALIBUR VI PSX Gameplay Trailer 0


More gameplay footage from SoulCalibur VI has been released. Again we see Mitsurugi and Sophitia battling it out. I’m starting to suspect there’s a ‘super mechanic’ added to this game. Still feels nostalgic none...