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Like to punch the pedal while hitting the apex? This is the site’s paddock for everything racing related! No worries, you’ll find your high speed splash and dash here!


Codemasters GRID and F1 2019 Trailers

I did not see this one coming. Codemasters announced GRID! In fact it’s the third game in the series (mobile not included), but it seem they are dropping number for rebooting purposes. Simcade or...


Dirt 2.0 Accolades Trailer

Today’s the release of Dirt 2.0 and I’m in serious doubt … The games’ getting some good ratings, hence this trailer. Should I take the plunge?  


Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.11

Not so long ago I did a video on the current state of Gran Turismo Sport, and it seems there’s more underway. Even the legendary Monza circuit, one of my all time favorite sim...

Formula Fusion – Trailer 0

Formula Fusion – Trailer

Trailer time!? Release June 1!? Really!? Been looking forward to the spiritual successor of WipeOut for a very long time, but that’s unexpectedly soon. DAMN!


Project CARS 2 Announcement trailer

Shame! That’s what a petrolhead like me feels when noticing this trailer already went online 3 weeks ago. Yes, I enjoy a good sim racer from time to time. And since I loved Project...