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Everything fighting game and fighting game community related can find it’s place on this page. For those who like to punch some buttons and hit an arcade stick.


FGC Belgium talks to Ditn

Time to post something completely different. It’s not a secret I love fighting games and one of the reasons I do is because of the fighting game community. And as a matter of fact,...


EVO 2019 Announcement Trailers

The Evolution Championship Series are without a doubt the biggest and most important fighting game tournaments in the world, so you can rest assured there will always be made some announcements as well. With EVO...


Punching Mortal Kombat 11

Oh Mortal Kombat. Back when I was still a little kid I played you to death. It was an absolute epic experience discovering the arcade version while getting my ass kicked by the locals...


Crosscut DP Podcast Episode 001

Shout-out to FGC Belgium with the release of their brand new podcast, Crosscut DP! In this podcast they will be covering Pro Street Fighter V and if you’ve been checking their Sunday Night Fights...