Punching The Game is a personal weblog about gaming, plain and simple!

While playing games we all tend to rage from time to time. Sometimes perhaps a bit too much! For the last couple of years simply punching couches and desks didn’t prove to be helpful nor satisfying, so it was time for a different approach and use all this kinetic energy in a more constructive way. Punching The Game was born!

The goal is to take you on my journey through the ever changing gaming landscape, personal-blog-kinda-style-angle. How convenient! You got to admit, given you’re a gaming veteran, this form of entertainment sure has come a long way. These sure are interesting times.

“The main goal of hitting your opponent in one genre is considered a failure in the other.”

There’s isn’t really any game category that couldn’t make it’s appearance on this blog, but it’s no secret the current emphasis is on my favourite types, racing- and fighting games. Contradictory cause the main goal of hitting your opponent in one genre is considered a failure in the other, though it’s probably just because I loved playing these kind of games on arcade machines.

If you share the same hobby, need to get an occasional shot for your strange clicking addiction or you just think Punching The Game sounds fancy … Stick around!

“In case you have a rock solid left hook!”

Oh, and if you’d like to join this sparring session as a guest blogger, content provider or you just happen to have a rock solid left hook, please leave something on the social media channels! Perhaps we can work something out!