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Punch of the Year Awards 2019

punch of the year awards 2019

You cannot pretend to have a game blog/site without some sort of awards. Now, in all honesty I have to mention that I/we haven’t played all the major games released this year so this list is biased (hell yeah!) and in some way ignorant on some other fantastic titles that where released this year. With that out of the way, here are PTG’s awards for 2019!

Punch of the Year Award

Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice

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For this one I had to turn to Charko and when he commended Sekiro I had to agree. While I had my ups and downs with the brutal difficulty of this game it still remains one of the best playing experiences of 2019 with some fond memories of swimming for Treasure Carp Scales (ahum … ) and Lady Butterfly’s trashtalk when she whooped my ass for the 500th time. Oh Sekiro, I love/hate you!

Split Decision Award

Assetto Corsa Competizione

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In my regard one of the best racing simulations out there. If you want to experience what racing is all about without making too much of an investment (a good steering wheel with or without racing rig remains expensive, but it beats buying a real racing car), this is your game. I don’t care if a game has a smaller track list as long as the quality is this good.

Feint Award

Jedi: Fallen Order

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When Jedi: Fallen Order was announced I was torn between the light and the dark side. The game looked fantastic, but the reputation of EA was hard to beat. Was I wrong! Respawn Entertainment pulled off a Jedi Mind Trick, and while it doesn’t do anything new in particular, it does everything in such a great and loot box free way, Fallen Order deserves its own place in the spotlight. Star Wars?

Final Blow Award


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One game that caught me by surprise this year was Control. I hadn’t heard anything of it before, but after my first playing session (the game came free with my new graphics card by the way) I was blown away. Beautiful graphics, rock solid gameplay and a supernatural story line? Yes please!

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