BlizzCon 2019 Trailers

While I found last years’ BlizzCon disappointing it seems Blizzard is hitting the right buttons for me this year. The last few weeks Blizzard has been going through some rough times, but let’s focus on the gaming side of things, shall we?

Diablo IV

Seeing the announcement cinematic instantly made me feel like a little kid again. Finally!! It was an even bigger surprise to see some gameplay footage. This game looks awesome. Bring it!

Overwatch 2

I’m not really into Overwatch anymore, but since it’s a game where I’m still having fun with playing it casual from time to time, it still has my attention. The addition of singe player content doesn’t sound bad at all.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

A couple of years ago I swore to never, ever, play World of Warcraft again. I will keep that promise, but after 18 (!!!) years this game is still receiving expansions. Nothing for me anymore, but I think WoW is looking more stylish than ever.

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