FGC Belgium talks to Ditn

Time to post something completely different. It’s not a secret I love fighting games and one of the reasons I do is because of the fighting game community. And as a matter of fact, we here in Belgium have a great one of our own.

One of the newest initiatives within this community (I’m looking at you Hushfield) is to present a series of player profiles. The first one’s an interview with one of the most welcoming guys in this group I’ve met, Ditn. Turns out I ditn’t know (huehueheu) he sits on some juicy stories spanning his fighting game career as well!

So if you’re (even remotely) interested in what fighting games are all about and want to know what’s cooking in the more local side of things, give this one a listen.

Kudos to the high level of quality content FGC Belgium is delivering as well. Great stuff! Thing is, if this has peaked your interested, give them a thumbs up, subscribe and ring the be.. (sounds cliche doesn’t it? ) but foremost: pay them a visit!

The dedicated Facebook group is a nice place to start!

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