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Street Fighter V goes back to its arcade days!

After Street Fighter V’s release almost 2 years ago it’s finally time for the long awaited Season 3. Named Arcade Edition it seems Capcom wants to put the game in the spotlight again. If you’d like to learn today, sit back and find out what the game has in store.

Perhaps the biggest complaint on the game so far was the lack of an arcade mode, but I guess the name Arcade Edition already made you think that problem is solved, no? Well, yes! AE’s Arcade Mode is a big throwback to the complete series by providing dedicated modes going from the original Street Fighter via Street Fighter 3 all the way up to part 5.

And it doesn’t stop there. The game features a new V-Trigger for each character giving you
the choice between 2 at the start of a match. Besides that, you get some extra moves for your character to grind those combos in training mode. Oh, did I mention the UI got a complete overhaul? It looks absolutely fantastic!

Season 3 also means 6 new characters where the first of the new bunch is Sakura. Now I must admit I haven’t played her much myself, but she’s a perfect addition to the cast nonetheless. The matches I played against players using her speak for themselves.

If you want more than single player, getting into multiplayer remains a very time consuming struggle. In that case my advice is to search and support your local scene. If you do you’re in for one of the most fun game experiences you’ll ever have. Nothing beats local multiplayer, and who knows this way you’ll get to know some other fantastic fighting games as well.

Still in doubt to play Street Fighter V? Now it might be the perfect moment to get into it. It’s nearly 2 years late, but Street Fighter V is finally the complete package it deserved to be!

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