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Is Gran Turismo Sport worth another visit?

Ever since its release, Gran Turismo Sport has been highly critiqued for its lack of single player content. More than a month and a couple of updates later we’ve got to ask ourselves: is it worth it to pay it another visit?

In short: YES! Besides some important updates covering the physics and tyre models, Polyphony Digital introduced GT League … well … actually it’s more a throwback to what made classic Gran Turismo so great. Seeing Clubman Cup again sure brings back some memories.

Furthermore the car park got expanded as well with vehicles in all classes. We even got the legendary Volkswagen Samba bus now! Although I rather prefer to spend my hard earned credits on the sexy Ferrari F40 which proves to be quite the handful.

On the downside, this new content is still plagued by the same old issue of all the previous iterations, which boils down to balance. While certain leagues where every car is the same prove to be quite the challenge, in other championships certain cars feel way to overpowered making the game way too easy.

Still, I’m having great fun with this new content mainly cause in this new mode I’m forced to race cars I normally wouldn’t. The game remains a fantastic driving experience, so if you dropped it because the in my opinion fantastic multiplayer part wasn’t for you, make sure you give it another go!

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