The struggle of content creation

I always knew that starting to make video content was ambitious, but the last few weeks have proven to be quite the struggle. It almost feels I didn’t have the slightest idea …

First off there was the need of owning a capture card which was already an investment. The software of my Elgato HD60S in all fairness is easy to use, but I always like to understand what I’m working with. Thing is, it’s not only about just capturing the footage. You want everything to look nice and crisp on YouTube without flooding your hard drive with immense video files. Capture quality, ideal bit rates, … you name it!

Next was the video editing software. I started out with Adobe Premiere Elements, but I soon noticed there where a few key features that I found where missing. I can’t pinpoint exactly what, but it felt someway off. Since I love Adobe, but the Creative Cloud is way to expensive at the moment, I decided to check out DaVinci Resolve in combination with Fusion. In comparison to Elements these tools are a real powerhouse. Only, the learning curve is steep, so that was another major challenge added to the list.

And then there is audio … Voiceovers are a hell! I tend to think I sound boring, so I decided to pick up an e-book about voice coaching. Farfetched? No, cause I feel this is where everything stands or falls. Making quality content is one thing, but being unable to present it is a no go. Still a lot of improvement possible on that side!

Last thing is throwing all these things together … oh boy! Do I have a long road in front of me… I think key is giving myself time to evolve with this stuff getting better along the way. While on one hand it’s already proven to be quite frustrating, in some way I seem to enjoy it as well. One day I’ll get there!


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