Monthly Archive: February 2017


For Honor Review

The first video review of Punching The Game is up. It’s a first, so don’t be too hard 😉


The struggle of content creation

I always knew that starting to make video content was ambitious, but the last few weeks have proven to be quite the struggle. It almost feels I didn’t have the slightest idea … First...


For glory! For Honor!

For those looking for a medieval brawler, For Honor might just be the thing for you! And coming from first class developer Ubisoft Montreal we are sure we have something special here. For Honor...


Injustice 2 – Here Come the Girls trailer

Some may see is as fanservice, but this latest trailer of Injustice 2 sure’s looking stunning! This game will score high in the graphics department. As for the character models …  it’s a fighting...


Punching Revisited

With the little bit of spare time I had this weekend, I decided to revisit the style and goals of Punching The Game, and man am I glad I did! For starters the Punching...


For Honor Beta Gameplay Footage

I admit it’s been a bit quiet on the site, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing. Lately I have been experimenting with capturing gameplay footage and training some editing skills. Yes, we...