5 recommended RPG’s to start the year

If you are, like me, looking forward getting into the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda the release date of March 21st can sure seem like a long time. If you’re rather new to the genre, here are some recommended RPG’s you can plunge yourself into making the wait more easy

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Just like Mass Effect: Andromeda this game’s sort of the reboot of the franchise on the latest generation of gaming systems. Since the game’s from BioWare as well this should be the first one to look into if you haven’t allready. Rest assured, even being more than 2 years old, this RPG running on the Frostbite engine is still a looker.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3 shouldn’t need any introduction. Winning multiple game of the year awards in 2015, this achievement from Polish developer CD Project Red is a must play. Stunning graphics, cool characters and a deep story all combined in one of the biggest and immersive open worlds ever created. Mind, with a total playtime of around 200 hours, you are in for a long quest. Did I mention this is even without all the available DLC?

Fallout 4
You can’ make an RPG list without including Fallout from Bethesda. Despite being a bit rough around the edges, once you get around the few minor problems, this game is a true gem. Also, don’t be fooled by the first person shooter aspect, this game is an open world RPG pur sang. Vintage post-apocalysm doesn’t get any better than this.

Final Fantasy XV
The most recent entry on the list. This jRPG from Square Enix is something completely different, but that’s its biggest advantage. Perhaps not the best RPG on the list, but the open-world-boybandlike-road-trip sure is a fresh take on the genre. Being in development for more than 10 years resulted in a less unified game world. Still, due to the rich absurd world and fast paced combat, this one is still easy to recommend.

Divinity: Original Sin
The least mainstream game on the list, and even without being a bit chauvinistic here, this game from the Belgian developer Larian Studios is one of the best RPG’s ever made. If you’re up for a real top down adventure where nearly everything is possible, this modern take on the more traditional RPG is the only way to go. Just beware that this masterpiece doesn’t hold your hands along the way and the learning curve can be quite steep. Get over it, and you probably won’t want anything else.

Happy roleplaying!

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