Take my money now!!

Over the past few months my love for 8-bit games grew big, this all thanks to some brilliant indie games like Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne and finally the must-have Shovel Knight. These games do not only make me feel nostalgic, they also take me back to a gaming era I sort of missed … and then, out of the blue, a “small” gaming company comes with some rather big news …

None other than Nintendo made the announcement today that they’ll release the Nintendo Classic Mini, an up-to-date version of the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System. Still a bit in awe by this news, everything sounds fantastic so far. Not only does this mini NES feature an HDMI output so we’ll be able to play Nintendo’s all-time classics on our latest High Definition TV’s, the console will be delivered with 30 allready built-in games. 30!

With games like Double Dragon II, Punch-Out, Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda to name only a few, this sounds almost too good to be true! Oh, and did I mention the little thing looks exactly like it’s great great grandfather? This is pure vintage gaming heaven!

Brilliant move Nintendo! Take my money now!

Source: Nintendo

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