State of the game

I must admit lately I haven’t really been active on this site. It’s not that I have lost my passion for gaming, not at all!

Thing is, I was gettin a bit lost in the format I was creating. Weekly writing up an article or playtest felt a bit too limited at times and was a bit in conflict with my initial vision of my own gameblog.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love writing these kind of things. Only in my current situation it always felt I was running behind the facts, and we all hate lag don’t we?

Does this mean I won’t write an article or a playtest ever again? Not at all! I just want to try out some different approaches as well, perhaps with a return to the above categories once in a while.

The rest still looks like a big open world sandbox to me at the moment. Guess you can say it’s all still a work in progress 😉

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