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Unlocking my PlayStation Vita’s full potential

Lately the PlayStation Vita is one of my favorite platforms for gaming. Even after being released almost 4 years ago (outside of Japan), it’s still an amazing piece of hardware. It has one flaw though…

When I first bought my Vita I bought it with an extra 16Gb memory card that was available at the shop. After coming home and spending some time on the system I noticed this size of memory was kind of small. I didn’t know most Vita games occupy 1Gb by average with some titles almost multiplying that by four. I’m looking at you Final Fantasy X HD!

I don’t like to change my memory card often, so I decided to look for an alternative. After some quick research I noticed that 16Gb was the biggest size available in Europe and North-America. What’s up with that Sony!? Didn’t this system used to have 32Gb or even 64Gb memory cards available? Scouring through the internet I found out these were still available, but my only option was to play the import card.

After checking multiple sites I decided to go for PlayAsia, a site from which I’ve heard has quite the reputation when it comes to importing Japanese stuff. I placed my order, paying a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of money and waited for my order to come home…

Two months later my package arrived. I didn’t think it would have taken this long but the holiday period probably had something to do with it… But then came the big surprise. Import taxes! This was an extra I didn’t see coming… They were almost half of the price I payed for the ‘damned’ thing in the first place!!

Still, despite this setback, I’m happy with my purchase. Why? Because only now I feel my Vita is up to its full potential. I’m not saying everyone should import, because I think these memory cards are way overpriced. Still, when you are truly invested in your Vita it’s definitely something to consider. Do keep in mind though that because of import taxes the already expensive cost can get even worse. I guess convenience comes at a price…

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