A first look on Blade & Soul

After 2 years of waiting for North America and Europe, Blade & Soul finally released on the 15th of January, 2016. It took one hell of a flying start. Many people were waiting in front of their computer, waiting for the time and finally being able to click on the “Play now” button. At 7 PM GMT +1, everyone clicked the button excitingly and started playing the possible next gen leader of MMORPG games.

What is it about the Next Gen?

You might wonder why I say that Blade & Soul may be a Next Gen MMORPG? Well, what I think is “Next Gen”, is Blade & Soul’s combat system. Every MMORPG player knows the TAB TARGETTING system. You push the TAB button, to target other players or monsters. And sometimes you keep pushing that freaking button and nothing happens… Oh yeah, you die, that’s what happens. Which results in punching things. Very painful!

Blade & Soul’s combat system is different. No TAB spamming needed. You target the enemy by looking and running to him and using your combos to annihilate that beast! It’s much more action based and less boring.

Also this game tests your reflexes. Some skills suddenly pop up on your screen for a second so that you can use it. If you don’t see it, you are screwed. Especially in PvP (which will be discussed in an other article). You’ll lose lots of DPS and may cause a painful and stupid death.

Another cool aspect about Blade & Soul’s system is that there is no healing like in the classic MMORPG trinity. You are responsible for your own protection by blocking or evading the enemy’s attacks. This system immediately gets rid of the blame the healer situation after wiping a dungeon or raid.
Everyone knows this situation after a wipe. Things like “noob healer”, “why no healing?” are spammed on your chat screen. Very frustrating… Blade & Soul gets rid of those players. No more blaming the healers, only  yourself. If you die, it’s your own fault!

All this means that Blade & Soul’s combat system requires some skill. You need to know the class you are playing by heart. You have to know every combo and its timing.

All those handsome characters running around the world

Blade & Soul’s character creation is a very fun part of the game. It’s very detailed. You can change almost every aspect of your character’s body. For female characters, this can be a big advantage 😉

The many combinations of colours (hair, eyes, skin, …) and detailed body changes give you the possibility to create very good looking and special characters. In Blade & Soul, every character is unique. Every character will have one or multiple visual characteristics that will differ from the others.

To conclude

Blade & Soul is a nice looking, fun to play and innovating game. Judging from what I’ve seen so far it definitely deserves to be called a Next Gen MMORPG. This game differs itself completely from other games by implementing a new style of combat, great character visuals and an awesome, smooth gameplay. Can’t wait to jump back in and see more of what Blade & Souls’s world has got to offer!


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