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Anger Management, from a gamers perspective

Imagine playing a game. Everything till now has been a long but steady build-up to this final moment. Victory is in the making! But all of a sudden the game seems to decide otherwise, pulls out a cheap ass trick resulting in your butt getting kicked, mentally…

This happens often in games. Most of the time we take our loss with honour, and move on. Still, after 156 tries on that final boss, or swallowing another last minute loss against Real Madrid in FIFA something different happens. We transform in something else, something far more irrational. We rage!

As a potential explosive cocktail, here are some quick tips to deal with this situation and avoid excessive damage:

Be aware of progress loss
Hitting your PC, console or handheld could result in it switching off or break, even when it looks solid. For instance the now vintage Nintendo Gameboy could sure take a hit. This thing was solid as a rock! Still batteries could fall out resulting in you needing to start your whole game right over. Bummer!

Throwing your gamepad is never a good idea… Ever!
When you feel the urge of throwing away your controller, think first before you do. It is never a good thing to do, not even on your couch or bed. Controllers bounce and before you know it your pad ricochets into pieces on the floor.

Don’t throw other things either…
I remember throwing a ball out of anger resulting in it bouncing back against the wall hitting me right in the face. This one’s a matter of pride people!

Be careful with the furniture
Sometimes the building quality of Scandinavian design furniture just isn’t made to withstand a blow. A desk isn’t a punching bag you know… Want a hole in the table? Go right ahead!

Hitting yourself is … well …
I once heard a story of a friend hitting himself in the head with his own keyboard. This does not only sound painfull, … it’s plain stupid! I sincerely hope for him he wasn’t using a steel mechanical keyboard.

Take a break
Often the best thing to do, and conveniently the cheapest one. Count to 10, breathe in and out and take a small break. Trying again afterwards often proves to be the most successful.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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    Jan 15, 2016 9:37 am

    Great succes!

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